More About Me

More about Me

here’s just a little bit of info about me:

i was born and raised in a rural community in eastern ontario, south of ottawa. the closest town was iroquois, population 1200. (check out my family )

i attended seaway district high school, where i generally did very little other than hang out with my drummer boyfriend. in my later highschool years, i was a bit more active, appearing in a couple of school plays, working on the yearbook, and joining some student committees. but mostly i was still just a lazy teenager.

i moved to montreal to attend mcgill university, enrolled in a bachelor of commerce program. i was going to be an accountant and make loads of money!

but i spent more time hanging out with friends, and learning to love ethnic food and independent films, than studying the intricacies of balance sheets. i hated accounting.

then i met don taylor, and decided that instead of making money, i’d rather become an underpaid academic and change the world. it was an epiphany. my consciousness was raised and my intellectual curiosity stimulated.

i finished my degree, and moved to the university of western ontario to work with jim olson. i learned some useful things, and some not-so-useful things (no fault of jim’s), and somehow ended up with a ph.d.

during my six years in london, ontario, i made some wonderful friends (including “the boy,” now “the husband”), did some interesting research, and attended as many conferences as i could manage. i even spent a few months in england, visiting neil macrae at the university of bristol.

but all the while that i lived in london, ontario, i longed for the big city, and i spent many hours planning my escape…

…i made it as far as evanston, illinois, to work at northwestern university with galen bodenhausen. oh, how i loved galen’s lab, the people at northwestern and, of course, chicago!

alas, i left the big city behind once again. i spent two years at dartmouth college, in the extremely wee (and snowy) town of hanover, new hampshire. i loved teaching at dartmouth and i had some great silly fun with friends but, wow, that town was small.

hope was not lost, however: i moved to birmingham, UK, to take up a faculty position at the university of birmingham. ah, the city life! ah, the curry!!! and the social life wasn’t bad, either.

and after a 10-year hiatus, i returned to chicago!! i am now an associate professor of psychological science and associate chair of the department of psychology at depaul university. and, in a nice turn of events, i am also maintaining my university of birmingham link for a few years to continue my research there.